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Personalized vows are a special and intimate addition to your wedding ceremony. As a Toronto wedding photographer, I have witnessed my fair share of vow exchanges and can attest to how incredibly special they are. Vows communicate your innermost feelings to both your partner and your guests. Writing these vows, though, can be daunting, intimidating, […]



As a Toronto wedding photographer, I know weddings can be overwhelming which is why it’s important to take time to thoroughly plan out your big day. The day of your wedding should be when all the worries drift away, and you enjoy the outcome of all your hard work. In order to keep your stress […]


toronto-wedding-photographer groomsmen and bride first look

It’s a popular question for many people planning their wedding, do I need one photographer or two? The truth is when searching for the Wedding Photographer, many people will tell you it really depends on preference. There’s advantages and disadvantages to each—let’s break down some of the important things to consider so you can make the best decision for your wedding day.


toronto eta wedding photography bride and groom share candid moment at the old mill

If you’re on the hunt for a Wedding Photographer, you’re probably wondering how to make sure your photos come out perfect. You want them to capture the charm of your big day, and radiate the candid emotions shared between you and your partner. While portrait photography is easier to plan for, it’s also important that you get to live in the moment on your wedding day. In order to give you and your partner peace of mind, here’s five tips for amazing candid couple photos.

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