As a Toronto wedding photographer, I know weddings can be overwhelming which is why it’s important to take time to thoroughly plan out your big day. The day of your wedding should be when all the worries drift away, and you enjoy the celebration. In order to keep your stress levels low, here’s some tips to keep in mind while preparing for your wedding.

On your wedding day you shouldn’t feel like you’re handling everything on your own. If you took time to hire a photographer, caterer, coordinator, and other vendors you trust—you can feel secure that everything will run smoothly. It’s easy to want to micromanage your wedding, being one of the most important days of your life! If you hire a coordinator, they should keep everyone on schedule, so you have more time to enjoy the day ahead. Locking in a great wedding photographer also helps you relax, as they’ll keep you informed on next steps throughout the day.


It can be tempting to pack your dream wedding day full of activities from morning to night, but t’s important to leave room for the unexpected. Once everyone begins to show up, the day will unravel organically. You can’t control all the variables of your wedding day. Make sure you plan for all the nonnegotiables, but don’t focus too hard on the tiny details. Give into the unexpected and let the happiness of the day take hold. This is especially important to ensure your wedding photographer has plenty of time to snap all those unique memories. When you have time to spare, you’re likely to smile, laugh and enjoy yourself more.


Spend the few days before visualizing your goals for the day, and then releasing control. Checking in with your wedding team a few days before can give you peace of mind. The day will come, and everything will unfold as it needs to. In order to mitigate the mind-racing overwhelm that might heighten right before the wedding, create a checklist and make sure everything is accounted for.

Weddings take months and sometimes years to plan to ensure all the hard work and scheduling is taken care of. Once the day comes around, there will be a moment when you must trust the process! Whether you are the bride, groom, or family member, try your best to live in the moment. It’s important to trust all the long hours of planning and lean into the enjoyment. It’s your day, and it’s time to celebrate!

Your wedding should be a day you love and cherish for years to come. Don’t let stress pull you out of the moment and confide in your support system every step of the way. If any issue arises, designate someone to take care of it for you. As the bride or groom, don’t leave any major responsibilities on your plate the day of—other than getting married!

Image: Xristina & Argiris – Florina, Greece

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