Welcome to my Toronto wedding photography blog. Here I am able to share my experiences, as well as provide answers to your most pressing questions.

When you are planning a wedding, questions or concerns pop up quickly and constantly. The process can be overwhelming as you scour the internet for answers and come up with a variety of different thoughts and opinions. For my clients and those needing guidance, I have created this blog to guide you in your planning process. From topics like “TIPS TO A STRESS FREE WEDDING DAY” to “DO I NEED A SECOND PHOTOGRAPHER?”, I cover it all.


There are many decisions to be made, and it is so important to make these decisions in an informed manner. Sharing tidbits, common debates, and personal experiences are truly the goal of this blog.

Especially for couples that are planning themselves, without the help of a coordinator or dedicated planner, there are so many small details that can be overshadowed by the larger decisions. Research can take hours, answers can be contradictory, and important aspects can get missed. Throughout my years of experience as a wedding photographer, I have gathered a rolodex of information that I am excited to share with you.

For even more inspiration and guidance, check out my wedding portfolio page. Here, you can witness some of my past work, including venues, specific shots, first looks, decor, and so much more.