toronto eta wedding photography bride and groom share candid moment at the old mill

If you’re on the hunt for a Toronto Wedding Photographer, you’re probably wondering how to make sure your photos turn out as you envisioned. You want them to capture the charm of your big day, and radiate the candid emotions shared between you and your partner. In order to give you and your partner peace of mind, here’s five tips for amazing candid couple photos.


Everyone has varying comfort levels when it comes to being photographed. When you’re looking for your wedding photographer, make sure you establish trust and openness with your photographer. If you feel safe with them, your nerves will calm down and even the most camera shy will find everything runs smoother. Make sure to express your concerns, vision, and expectations with your photographer before your wedding day. You’ll trust that they will capture photos you love and feel comfortable with them on the wedding day.

Some of your favorite photos will be from the special moments when you completely forget about the camera. While it may take some getting used to, try to go with the flow and live in the moment with your partner. The key to beautiful couple photos is learning to ignore the camera and give into the natural emotion of your big day. Release the pressure of having to put on a fake smile or freeze up when you see your photographer approaching. Keep in mind they will give you pointers if they want to get your attention. Otherwise trust that they’ve got it covered and continue to enjoy yourself.


On your wedding day you want to schedule time for bride and groom photos and family photos. If your schedule is rushed, it makes it harder to enjoy the process and assure your photographer has enough time to work their magic. Try to plan accordingly so that you can enjoy yourself every step of the way. That stress-free persona will shine through in your photos and leave more room for memory making.

If you have a vision for your photos, be sure to share this with your family and friends. Keep in mind that while you’ve been preparing for the perfect candids, not everyone else has. Wedding photography has the power to capture beautiful moments not only between the bride and groom, but the entire family. Share some tips with your loved ones to keep them in the moment whenever the photographer comes around. It’s also important to inform them if candids are a priority for you. This helps prevent that ‘deer in headlights’ look from showing up in your photos.


This can be difficult to conquer but is an imperative part of good photography. You’ve done the hard work and found a wedding photographer that you trust. Try not to micromanage your photos, or stress about your photographer getting that perfect shot. Remember they are trained for moments like this and have indiscreet ways of getting photos without interrupting the moment. On the day of the wedding, release control and let your photographer do their part. Keep your energy on your partner and make memories that last a lifetime.

These are five tips to keep in mind for beautiful couple photos on your wedding day. After you find your Wedding Photographer, trust the process and leave the rest to the experts. The best thing you can do is enjoy yourself, smile, and live in the moment with your loved ones.

Image: Michelle & Benjamin – Whispering Springs Wilderness Resort

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