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Personalized vows are an intimate addition to your wedding ceremony. As a Toronto wedding photographer, I have witnessed my fair share of vow exchanges and can attest to how incredibly special they are. Vows communicate your innermost feelings to both your partner and your guests. Writing these vows, though, can be daunting, intimidating, and downright challenging. Fortunately, I have three helpful tips that can help guide you through the vow-writing process.


The idea of compressing all of your special memories, thoughts, and love for your partner into a brief sentiment can seem crazy. Many people will simply allow their thoughts to flow and end up exchanging vows for quite a long time. Unfortunately, this ends up taking valuable time away from your interactions with guests and truly enjoying the wedding day. Keeping your thoughts concise also allows you to save some special words for just your partner, which is important.

Try not to use cliches or other people’s ideas that aren’t really yours. They may sound nice when said out loud by someone else, but they won’t mean nearly as much coming from you. If you aren’t confident in your writing abilities, know that that is perfectly okay. Your guests and partner are not going to be expecting a poetic piece. They simply want to hear your own words, coming straight from the heart.


The best way to make sure your vows are memorable is to take time to craft them with care. Planning will help you come up with the right words and ideas, so you are sure to include all of the aspects that are most important to you. You can also consider writing out only bullet points or partial phrases so that it feels more like an organic conversation rather than a memorized speech.

Image: Jennie & Steven – Earth To Table The Farm

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