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Mia and David’s love story culminated in a fairy tale wedding at The Barn 1906 in Brantford, Ontario. Their elegant affair combined the timeless charm of a black-tie event with the rustic allure of the venue. I was thrilled to capture every moment, including an amazing golden hour photoshoot.

The Barn 1906, nestled amidst Brantford’s picturesque countryside, was the perfect setting for Mia and David’s dream wedding. This rustic venue provided a stunning backdrop for their black-tie affair, offering a unique blend of sophistication and rustic charm. The barn’s weathered wooden beams, vintage decor, and sprawling grounds created a captivating atmosphere for their special day.


Mia and David, radiated elegance as they exchanged their vows. The contrast of their formal attire against the rustic backdrop added a touch of enchantment to the proceedings. The barn’s rustic interiors were beautifully decorated with delicate floral arrangements, and soft candlelight.

However, what truly made the day extraordinary were the golden hour photos that took place as I stole Mia and David for a few precious moments away from their reception. As the sun began to set, we seized the opportunity for a quick photoshoot.

The golden hour provided a radiant, ethereal quality to the photos. Mia and David’s love and happiness were palpable as they shared intimate moments under the warm light. The soft, warm hues of the setting sunbathed the couple in a romantic radiance. These golden hour photos are a testament to the magic that can be found in simple, stolen moments.


Mia and David’s wedding at The Barn 1906 in Brantford, Ontario was a beautiful blend of elegance and rustic charm, a black-tie affair in a rustic venue that was the perfect setting. The golden hour photoshoot added a touch of magic to an already incredible day, capturing the couple’s love in its most radiant form. As  a wedding photographers, I was honored to be part of this celebration, and Mia and David’s love story will forever shine bright in their stunning photographs.

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