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It’s a popular question for many couples beginning the planning process. The truth is when searching for a Toronto wedding photographer, many people will tell you it really depends on preference, and there are advantages and disadvantages to each—let’s break down some of the important things to consider so you can make the best decision for your wedding day.


Your wedding day often requires a lofty budget, and it’s important to evaluate your priorities. Wedding photographers anticipate moments to capture memories. Two photographers will allow for the second photographer to focus on different aspects of the wedding, like candids of your family and friends. Keep that in mind and take some time to reflect on your priorities. Two wedding photographers will increase costs in the end, so plan your budget accordingly when decision making.

You want your photos to tell a story. If you decide to go with one photographer, their job will be to focus on the Bride & Groom throughout the day. If you would like a large landscape captured for your wedding, and not sacrificing those intimate moments, a second photographer could be beneficial. Two photographers allow for more flexibility, candid’s, and photos taken at secondary angles throughout your Wedding Day..


If you want a Wedding Photographer for your quaint wedding, two photographers can overcrowd your big day. It’s important to consider wedding size, and the location of your wedding when thinking about photographers. If you chose a beautiful large landscape for your wedding and want that perspective expressed in your photos—this might be difficult for one photographer to accomplish. They are going to be focused on capturing the personal moments that take place during your preparation, ceremony, and reception. Size and location are two essential points that can make or break the need for one or two photographers.

Image: Christina & Marlo Kortright Conservation Centre

If you are looking for a Toronto Wedding Photographer, contact me here or check out my portfolio here. I’d love to capture this important chapter in your love story.

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